Markets Served

Bringing sales & distribution know-how to your industry niche

Sales is the lifeblood of any successful company, but building an effective in-house sales force proves to be an elusive goal for many organizations. That can be doubly true for start-ups and other early-stage companies, which tend to focus more on refining products, honing business models and raising capital.

Through our comprehensive contract sales development services, Steamfire can help accelerate your time to market, which can save founders, owners and investors time and equity they may otherwise have to dilute in building, incentivizing and retaining a sales force.

The market segments in which we have significant experience include:

  • biotechnology
  • pharmaceuticals
  • lab services
  • dental
  • sports medicine
  • veterinary medicine
  • biosciences
  • medical devices

Don’t see your industry on that list?

No problem—we can still help. Why? Because the essentials of building solid sales organizations are basically the same across every industry. And as our operation grows, so too will the industries we serve and the niche contacts and knowledge we can bring to bear for you. After all, we have worked in some of the most exacting industry environments, where failure is an expensive proposition.

The disciplines we have mastered and honed over a collective half century in the industry give us the tools to help just about any organization build an agile and effective sales and distribution channel. And we can help you do it more quickly and cost-effectively than you are likely to be able to do on your own. Just give us a buzz, and let’s explore how Steamfire can help your organization catch fire.