Why Partner

Steamfire is looking for sales representatives that have existing relationships with physicians.  In today’s ever changing healthcare environment access to hospitals and physicians is getting more difficult every day.  Your relationships, and track record of success are more valuable than ever.  We want to work with you and provide a full bag of products and services to maximize the value of your relationships.  By partnering with Steamfire you receive the following benefits:

  • Access to a line of products and services that have been vetted by company personnel ensuring credible, industry leading companies.
  • Industry experts with the experience and knowledge to identify products and services that enhance the quality of care, generate interest from physicians, and will continue to be available to patients.
  • A strategic mix of products and services to specific call points that allow you to maximize your existing relationships.
  • A dedicated support team assigned to you to ensure you have the resources you need when you need them.
  • Industry leading compensation to reward top performance.

We are constantly doing due diligence on new products and services to add to our portfolio.  This ensures that you will always have a full bag of products with the latest and greatest things to discuss with your physicians.  Contact us today . . . We look forward to earning the opportunity to work with you!